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Signs of early pregnancy

  1. First and foremost, feature in pregnancy is missed periods. If you have regular periods and your cycle gets delayed, a simple urine kit for pregnancy test will detect pregnancy as early as one day after the missed period.
  1. Loss of appetite and aversion to food or the smell of food
  2. Morning sickness
    Nausea and vomiting as soon as you get up from bed and brush your teeth. The hormonal changes and raised b-HG hormones can cause nausea and vomiting. Most of the times, vomiting starts after around 6-7 weeks pregnancy and may not be present soon after the missed periods
  1. Heaviness in the breast and pain
    The hormonal changes in pregnancy can lead to a lot of physiological changes and physical changes
  2. Giddiness and excessive sleepiness, fatigue
  3. Liking sour food and food cravings
  4. Abnormal bleeding– Even if your period is missed and you get bleeding, always check a pregnancy test as it can be a sign of implantation or threatened abortion
  5. Mass per abdomen- Uterus starts becoming palpable per abdomen only after 12-14 weeks.
  6. Frequent urination: can happen in the first trimester due to the growing uterus pressing on the bladder or because of the increased blood supply and kidney efficiency