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Ovarian cysts

What is simple ovarian cyst?

It is a fluid filled structure in the ovary. Every month, a woman develops follicles which under hormonal influence undergo ovulation mid-cycle. Some of these follicles may not rupture and develop into a cyst. These are called as functional or simple cysts. It’s very common in the reproductive age group.

What are the other different types of cysts?

Benign or non-cancerous

1. Simple cysts

2. Dermoid cysts/ teratoma- ovarian cysts containing hair follicles, teeth, skin or fat etc.

3. Endometriotic cysts- when endometrial tissue is deposited on the ovary producing a chocolate coloured collection in the ovary

4.Serous cystadenoma

5. Mucinous cystadenoma


What’s the presentation?

  1. Patients are asymptomatic and diagnosed incidentally by ultrasound scanning
  2. Abdomen pain
  3. Irregular or prolonged bleeding
  4. Mass per abdomen
  5. Distension of abdomen
  6. Pain during intercourse
  7. Infertility

Is it worrisome?

Simple cysts, corpus luteal cysts are common in reproductive age group. But most simple cysts resolve in few months and don’t require any treatment.

Some can present with severe pain abdomen due to torsion of the cyst or rupture which requires emergency treatment.

Complex cysts need to be evaluated and treated early.

When is surgery recommended?

  1. If you have an ovarian cyst and develop severe pain abdomen and torsion
  2. If cyst is more than 6-7cm in size
  3. If cyst persists for a longer time
  4. If your doctor suggests, it to be a complex cyst
  5. If tumour markers are elevated and there is a suspicion of cancer

Most of the ovarian cysts can be managed with laparoscopy or keyhole surgery. However, any suspected cases of cancerous tumours are operated by open surgery